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About Us

Tidewater Green identified a large quantity of wood being thrown away! Since our core mission has been to divert landfill-bound products and create renewable solutions, we felt this was unacceptable. Further investigation also revealed tons of wood from various industries were being land-filled everyday. Creosote pilings, stumps, dimensional lumber, pallets, packaging crates, etc. can all be recycled! We are focused on finding, and will continue to refine, the best processing equipment and the appropriate end-users to continue this valid recycling effort. 

Since inception, Tidewater Green has diverted close to 50,000 tons of landfill-bound material! That is equivalent to 50,000 compact cars! This is a significant amount material and something we are very proud of. We are excited about the progress we have made and will continue to identify and develop new diversion markets.

Our Partners

Paving Companies:

Virginia Paving Company

Rose Brothers

Disposal Companies:

Spivey Disposal
Camco Disposal
Alternative Waste Solutions 
Eddies Hauling
E & J Hauling 
Hercules Hauling 
Affordable Disposal

Roofing Companies:

Sanchez Roofing

Superior Roofing

Clear Choice 
Garcia Roofing 
Pyramid Roofing